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Welcome to Bull Spit Brewing Company on Kalon Farm! Our team is always excited to bring you the best Craft Beer experience in the Central Massachusetts region. We are excited to Introduce you to our staff:

Keith Kopley – President / Owner
Becca Higgins – General Manager
Jim Hunt – VP Business Operations
Dave Higgins – Head Brewer – Production Specialist
Chris Fontaine – Head Brewer – Functional Brewery Expert
Johnny D – Sales Manager
Tim Hebert – Agricultural Manager
Dan Hagelberg – Facilities Manager
Jess Hunt – Kalon Farm Store Manager

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December 1, 2020

Bull Spit Brewing Company – Full Speed Ahead

Brewery positions themselves for growth with new hires.

Lancaster, MA— December 1, 2020Today, President of Bull Spit Brewing Company Keith P. Kopley announced the hiring of two new employees.

Bull Spit Brewing was recently in the news after they announced the acquisition of a new property in a neighboring community for a production facility and the hiring of long time brewer Dave Higgins.  Today, President and Owner Keith P. Kopley announced additional plans to grow the Brewery and his staff.  “We are bringing on two new professionals to help us grow our Brewery to the next level” says Kopley.  “We have done an okay job at outside sales to date.  For our next year I really wanted to focus on that end of the business.”  Explained Kopley.  “I was excited when John DeMarco, a long time sales manager for Wachusett Brewing and Ipswich Brewing, agreed to come on board” said Kopley.

John DeMarco has been in sales his whole life, both on the distribution side and brewery side of the business.  “I’m excited to join this energetic team and help grow the brand” said DeMarco.  “I’ve been watching this brewery for the last year, the strides they have been able to make during a really hard year is amazing!  I knew I wanted to be a part of this team.” Continued DeMarco.

Kopley also announced that he brought on an experienced brewery mechanic to help assemble and maintain our newest production facility.  Dan Hagelberg who has several years’ experience working inside a brewhouse is joining the team and will be working to get the new property operational and ready to brew.  “Dan is going to be instrumental in getting our new property ready to brew” said Kopely.  “We are lucky to have him joining our team and his very experienced skill set will help us continue to grow” continued Kopley.

Bull Spit Brewing announced that all new property acquisitions should be completed by the end of December and that they will be starting work immediately to get the buildings ready to brew.  “Our new staff are ready to hit the ground running” said Kopley.

Bull Spit will officially announce the location and plans for their new facility the first of the year.  Until then their home location on Kalon Farm in Lancaster is open and pouring pints for their customers.  For more information on the goings on of the brewery you can find them on most social media outlets as well as on their website at:  Bullspitbrewing.com

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November 9, 2020

Bull Spit Brewing Company Announces Growth

Brewery announces New Hire and Expansion Plans

Lancaster— November 9, 2020Today, Bull Spit Brewing Company owner Keith P. Kopley announced plans to open a production facility in a new community by the fall of 2021.  Expansion plans come as the Brewery completed their first year with great success, even amidst a national pandemic.

“We have had great success in year one.  Our initial startup brewing system has done its job but now we need something to help sustain current accounts and foster future growth” said Kopley, President at Bull Spit Brewing Company on Kalon Farm.

Bull Spit Brewing Company opened its doors to customers in June of 2019 through its various events held on the Kalon Farm property in Lancaster.  Kalon Farm is the parent company to both Bull Spit Brewing Company and Hillside Cellars, Kopley’s wine line.  Then in 2020 the pandemic hit and shut down the breweries in house operations.  “We made the decision to aggressively self-distribute our product to interested businesses within a 20-mile radius of the Brewery.  We wanted to maintain the local, back yard feel to our potential accounts” said Kopley.  “We were surprised at the support we got from local businesses.” Kopley continues.  Kopley along with brewery leadership approached and partnered with local restaurants to offer a to go beer option with food, sort of a one stop shop for people getting meals to go from local restaurants.

In July, the brewery decided to dive into all of the guidelines coming down from the state in order to open up their outdoor area.  “We purchased a Food Truck so we could prepare and serve a basic yet satisfying menu classifying us in the restaurant category so we could open back up to our customers”  Comments Becca Higgins, General Manager of Bull Spit Brewing Company and Kalon Farm.  “Our goal was to cross promote our country store and the brewery and our menu was the perfect place to do that” continued Higgins.  Following all local and State guidelines for reopening the brewery started welcoming guests back into their outdoor hospitality space.  “It was a slow start as people were cautious about getting back out, but once word got around that we had a relaxed, safe and socially distanced space that was family friendly our customer base grew significantly” says Higgins.  “It was a learning curve for the staff on the most efficient way to execute all of the safety guidelines, but we came up with a system that we felt was most efficient” continues Higgins.

With the newfound success of the outdoor space and continuously growing outside sales accounts the 7 barrel start up brewing system was starting to feel the stress.  Head Brewer, Chris Fontaine formerly of Berkshire Brewing and Lefty’s, states that they had to start contracting out some batches of beer in order to fill demands.  “We don’t have enough tank space to meet all of the needs currently.  We have 8 full time beers plus rotating seasonals and specials.  We had no choice but to look into contract brewing some of our beer at other breweries” says Fontaine.

With all of the scrambling to meet needs Kopley decided it was time to start looking for another property to put a bigger brew system in.  With a new building and a bigger brewing system comes the addition of staffing.  “We were lucky to get such an experienced brewer to start us off.  It actually took a lot of stress off of us as we knew the quality of product Fontaine put out, and obviously our accounts and customers felt the same” says Kopley.  “The question at hand now was who are we going to get to brew in our new facility” continued Kopley.  “It all came down to timing” said Dave Higgins.  Higgins was looking for a move after a successful 17 year run as Lead Brewer at local Regional Brewery Wachusett Brewing Co.  “My passion is brewing.  I love the process of creating new recipes, the brewing of the beer and eventually watching people enjoy a product I created” says Higgins.  “I believe my time with Wachusett set me up to be where I am today, I look forward to helping Bull Spit Brewing reach the next level in an overly saturated market, Challenge Accepted” exclaims Higgins.  “Bull Spit has seen impressive growth in a tough first year of business, I’m excited to be a part of their continued success” continued Higgins.

Currently Kopley is in negotiations for land and existing buildings in a neighboring community.  “We see great potential in this community” said Kopley.  “We are excited at the potential the land and buildings hold for us and to date the community has been very welcoming with our conceptual ideas” continued Kopley.  Bull Spit Brewing has a very aggressive timeframe with this new production facility.  Their goal is to have the production side of the expansion operating by late spring and have already been talking to other breweries on ways they can help them see the same success they saw.

For more information on the brewery you can visit their website bullspitbrewing.com or like them on most social media outlets.  They have a product locater map on their website that lists all of the places you can find their beer, they also sell retail to go beer and growlers right out of the brewery in Lancaster located right on Rt. 117.